When someone comes to our office and is considering improvement options, such as body contouring, we first assess the issue. Is it extra skin or extra fatty tissue?
When the problem is primarily extra fatty tissue, there are two options. One is laser liposuction and then other is SculpSure.
Laser liposuction is a procedure where we use a laser to melt the fatty tissue and tighten the skin. Then we use traditional suctioning to remove the fatty tissue. This procedure always leads to significant improvement, removes fatty tissue and greatly improves the contouring.
The other option is SculpSure, which is the latest in non-invasive fat removal. SculpSure uses laser energy that goes through the skin and melts the fatty tissue. This tissue is then reabsorbed over 6-12 weeks. There is no downtime with this procedure.
However, as with all non-invasive procedures, the results will not be as impressive as with liposuction.
When the contouring issue is excess skin, there are also two options that are beneficial. One is surgery, like a tummy tuck, breast lift or face lift. All of these surgeries remove excess skin.
The other option is the Viora System, which is a new machine that uses radio frequency energy, non surgically, to heat the underlying dermis, which in turn  leads to skin tightening. I feel that this is the best non-surgical option to skin tightening.
Please make an appointment with Dr. Menard to consider which of these options is best for you. At this time, Menard Plastic Surgery is offering free consultations for body contouring procedures.

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