Body Lift

If you’ve lost a significant amount of weight, or have excessive sagging, flaccid skin around the area of your torso and midsection, a body lift may be the ideal procedure to restore your body contour. Menard Plastic Surgery is among the most respected and trusted cosmetic surgery centers in the Tuscaloosa area. Our practice is led by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Menard, a diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

What is the Goal of a Body Lift?

A body lift is a cosmetic body contouring procedure that incorporates a number of techniques designed to trim away loose skin from the abdomen, back and hips. Also known as a belt lipectomy, the procedure is usually performed on patients after they have lost a significant amount of weight, as the skin that is left behind tends to hang and can causes significant complaints. . Many patients achieve a stronger self-image and boosted confidence as a result of a body lift.

Who Should Consider A Body Lift?

Patients who wish to reshape and restructure drooping body contours may benefit from a body lift procedure by Dr. Menard. The procedure is highly effective in helping to enhance the mid-body contour in both male and female patients. Skin that has been stretched out due to age, pregnancy, or weight fluctuations can be tightened to achieve a more attractive figure.

How Involved Is Body Lift Surgery?

A body lift procedure is a very individualized surgery that will be carefully tailored to suit your unique needs. The placement of the incision will vary based on how extensive your treatment will be, but Dr. Menard will try to hide them within the natural creases in your body. During the procedure, excess skin is trimmed away, followed by unwanted fat and any necessary muscles are tightened The skin is then positioned into the desired contour and sutured. The length of the treatment will vary depending on the extent of treatment and if any other cosmetic procedures will be performed.

Recovery Following a Body Lift Procedure

During your body lift consultation, Dr. Menard will go over all the logistics of the procedure, including the techniques he recommends to help achieve the best result and any pre- and post-operative instructions that need to be followed in order to undergo surgery. You will be fitted in compression bandages that must be worn for several weeks throughout the healing process. Some swelling, redness, or tenderness is common during this process but can be controlled with prescription medication. The overall recovery time will vary from patient to patient, but you will notice improvements soon after the procedure.

If you’re ready to remove unsightly sagging skin from your body to help achieve a more toned and lean appearance, contact Menard Plastic Surgery in Tuscaloosa, where board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Menard achieves dramatic, natural-looking results with a variety of plastic surgery procedures for residents of the Tuscaloosa area.

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