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Plastic Surgery (Cosmetic Surgery)

Plastic Surgery (Cosmetic Surgery) in Birmingham, ALHave you ever wondered what plastic surgery could do to rejuvenate your face or body? Today, aesthetic procedures are safer, more affordable, and produce more natural-looking results than ever before. If you live in the Tuscaloosa-Birmingham area, turn to Menard Plastic Surgery, led by Dr. John Menard, a trusted and respected plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

What Is Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery is an umbrella term referring to a wide range of procedures that surgically correct, improve, or rejuvenate areas of the face and body. Plastic surgery may be performed to correct deformities or imperfections caused by genetics or injury, or it may be performed to reduce the visible signs of the aging process or to enhance the appearance of specific facial features or physical attributes. At Menard Plastic Surgery we offer the following plastic surgery options:

What Can Plastic Surgery Do for My Appearance?

Plastic surgery can correct structural or aesthetic conditions caused by birth defects, prior surgery, trauma, or injury; or it can help smooth out wrinkles, improve scars, tighten skin, and diminish the visible signs of aging. It can add volume and fullness to areas that are flat and shapeless, remove fat from areas where it has accumulated, and lift areas that have been affected by gravity. Overall, plastic surgery can improve your appearance by rejuvenating your face and/or body and creating a more toned and sculpted contour

Who Can Most Benefit from Plastic Surgery?

The best way to know if plastic surgery is right for you is by visiting Menard Plastic Surgery, where Dr. Menard can help you determine whether plastic surgery is ideally suited for you, and which procedures would most benefit your unique and individual condition.

How Do I Prepare for Plastic Surgery?

The most important thing to do is plan ahead to make sure that you have plenty of time to rest and recover properly after your procedure, and enlist someone to drive you home after surgery. During your initial consultation, Dr. Menard will assess your medical history and your aesthetic concerns. He may advise you to temporarily suspend the use of certain medications you may be taking, as they may be contraindicated during surgery. We also recommend that you stop nicotine usage in any way as this will increase your surgical risk. Also, please let our nursing staff know of any vitamins, over the counter medications or herbs that you are currently taking, as some of these can increase your risk.

What Should I Expect After Plastic Surgery?

The recovery period varies, depending on what procedures have been performed, and such factors as your age, overall health, and skin type also make a difference. Lifestyle factors, such as exposure to sunlight, may also affect the outcome of your procedure. Dr. Menard will provide detailed instructions for post-operative care after each procedure to help prevent any potential problems and speed up the recovery process. You may have to wear compression garments following some procedures, and it may take a period of several weeks to resume your normal physical activities. We encourage you to contact our office to receive support, information, suggestions, tips, and advice during every step of your process, both before and after surgery.

Is Plastic Surgery Covered by Health Insurance?

While many plastic surgery procedures are considered elective and therefore not usually covered by health insurance, many policies will cover plastic surgery when it is structurally or medically warranted, such as reconstructive surgery. Some companies may cover only portions of certain procedures. In cases where plastic surgery is purely elective, health insurance will not normally cover it.

If you’re ready to inquire about plastic surgery and how it can improve or enhance your appearance, contact Menard Plastic Surgery today. Our friendly office serves residents in and around the Tuscaloosa-Birmingham area.

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