Breast Reduction Before and After Pictures

Our commitment at Menard Plastic Surgery is to ensure your satisfaction by providing education and information through every step of your cosmetic procedure. We want you to have reasonable expectations regarding your aesthetic procedures. Our Before and After photos may help you appreciate the actual results that board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Menard has achieved with patients throughout the Tuscaloosa area.

Breast reduction is often combined with other procedures, and all results naturally vary, but our Before and After photos give you a realistic idea of what this procedure can actually achieve to improve the appearance of your breasts and chest.

Breast Reduction Case 4

Breast Reduction Case 18

Breast Reduction Case 20

Breast Reduction Case 25

Breast Reduction Case 26

Breast Reduction Case 27

Breast Reduction Case 28

Breast Reduction Case 29

Breast Reduction Case 30

If you live in or near the Tuscaloosa area and want to reduce the size of your breasts, contact Menard Plastic Surgery in Tuscaloosa for a consultation. Led by Dr. John Menard, Menard Plastic Surgery is among the most highly respected cosmetic facilities in the area.

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