Blepharoplasty Before and After Pictures

Menard Plastic Surgery is committed to educating and informing our patients through every step of the cosmetic transformation. To give you a clear picture of how these procedures can improve your facial appearance, we provide Before and After pictures of actual patients. These Before and After pictures help you maintain more realistic expectations of what you can reasonably achieve with a blepharoplasty procedure.

Please note that you may combine eyelid surgery with other procedures, and results vary from patient to patient, so your results may not exactly mirror those that you see on this page. However, these Before and After photos give you a good idea of what actual results look like on real patients.

Blepharoplasty Case 1

Blepharoplasty Case 2

Blepharoplasty Case 4

Blepharoplasty Case 11

Blepharoplasty Case 19

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